Chrome browser provides feature to take full page screenshot of the webpage. So no need to download the chrome extensions. In order to take the screenshot of the webpage, follow the steps

Open the developer tools menu

You can open the developer tools menu by clicking cmd+option+c in mac and ctrl+shift+c in windows, linux and chromeOS

You can also open the developer tools menu by right click on the webpage, and select "Inspect"

Once the developer tools is opened, you will see something like this

Developer tools screenshot

Toggle the device toolbar

When you toggle the device toolbar as shown below, it will open up the toolbar where you can select various resolutions and device mode - Desktop/Mobile/Desktop Touch

Then click on the vertical three dots which will open the menu like shown below

There you have the option to select

  • Capture screenshot
  • Capture full page screenshot

You can also change the device type to different mobiles like iphone or pixel, or to tablets like ipad (with landscape and potrait mode).