How to manage the snippets in PHP Code Pro

How to manage the snippets in PHP Code Pro

In this tutorial, we will learn how to manage the snippes – edit, toggle the status and delete the code snippet.

About PHP Code Pro

PHP Code Pro is a plugin developed by Techdomain. Read more tutorials about PHP Code Pro here.

Managing the snippets

PHP Code Pro provides you many features to manage the snippets. Go to PHP Code Pro > Manage Snippets page to follow along.

If you have created a snippet before, then it will show up in the list in the manage snippets page. If you have not created it, then it will show a empty page with the link to create new snippet.

You can learn more about how to create new snippet here.

You can see the empty page below. Click on the link “Click here to create your snippet” to create a new snippet.

Empty state

We have created a new snippet called Hello World, which prints “Hello World” to the screen.

Hello World Snippet

You can find following options in the “Manage Snippets” page

  • Edit
  • Deactivate / Activate
  • Trash

Edit Option

Edit option allows you to edit the code snippet.

Deactivate / Activate

Deactivate allows you to deactivate the snippet. Once the snippet is deactivated, it will show up as “Not active” in the status column. And Deactivate button will change to Activate.

You can learn more about activate and deactivate status in this post.


Trash will delete the code snippet. The snippet once deleted, cannot be undone. So please do it carefully.

Usage Column

Usage column shows the code snippet which you can copy and paste inside the post. Click here to know more on how to use the PHP code Pro.

Status Column

Status column shows the current status of the code snippet. Activate status means that the snippet will be rendered, while inactive status means that the snippet will not be rendered in the shortcode.

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